Our Goal

To provide best security web hosting for clients and solve their websites and emails problems

Cyber Security Investigation

Working like CSI

Cyber Security is a very broad scope. Currently KKCSI only focus on investigate and fix problems such as websites hacked/hijacked, web hosting servers problems, email spam/scam problems and recovery lost file/images from your hard disk.

Cyber Security Investigation

Security key features

All Cyber Security Hosting Plans included these


Web / Email Traffic logs

Traffic summary and URL visited


Threat blocking

Detect, log and blocks threats in real time.


Authentication detection and blocking

Protect your websites against unauthorized and brute-force login attempts.


Dangerous file blocking

Detect and prevent file containing malware, viruses, from sending to your email


DDOS blocking

Stop your website from DDOS by attackers.


Vulnerability scan

Detect and prevent risk sources before they turn into a threat.


Security consulting

Work continuously with our team to keep you protected


Email Solution

Use our cloud email solutions to better safeguard your emails


Firewall Protection

Discriminate threats by port, host, protocol and application.


Free Migrate

Free unlimited websites migration from another web host


Fully managed

Relax. Our team takes care 24/7 of the security system.


Free Backups & Restorations

Free unlimited restoration from the backup file available.

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KKCSI specialised in High Security Web Hosting, Website Security, File / Data Recovery and Unlimited Cloud Email Storage Solutions.
KKCSI 专注于高安全性虚拟主机,网站安全,文件 / 数据恢复和无限云电子邮件存储解决方案。
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