High Security

Web Hosting Plans

Included Cloud Email Solution

Your website and email accounts will be under high security protection 24/7. Any suspicious activities will be blocked. Free Website Builder and 30 days Daily Full Backup for your hosting account. Including your websites, emails and databases. Free restorations from backup. Free technical support.

您的网站和电子邮件帐户将全天候提供高安全性保护。 任何可疑活动都将被阻止。 免费网站生成器和您的主机帐户 30 天每日完整备份。 包括您的网站,电子邮件和数据库。 备份免费恢复。 免费技术支持。

Budget Plan

RM 500 /year
  • 马币 500 令吉一年

  • Websites Only. No Email
    仅限网站。 没有电子邮件

  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Host 1 Domain Name only
  • No Email Accounts
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • 7-days Daily Auto Backup and Free Restoration
  • 30-days Money Back Guarantee

Standard Plan

RM 1,500 /year
  • 马币 1,500 令吉一年

  • Websites & Cloud Email Solution

  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • For Email : Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited Websites and Domain Name
  • 30-days Money Back Guarantee

Business Plan

RM 3,500 /year
  • 马币 3,500 令吉一年

  • Websites & Cloud Email Solution

  • 30 GB Disk Space
  • For Email : Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited Websites and Domain Name
  • 30-days Money Back Guarantee

Standard Features For Web Hosting Plans

Some Not Applicable to the Budget Plan

  1. Unmetered Bandwidth

    Means a hosting plan with unmetered traffic. The price you pay each month does not depend on the amount of traffic (data) sent to and from your server during the month. But unmetered does not mean unlimited. (Not Applicable to the Budget Plan)
    表示具有未计量流量的主机方案。 您每月支付的价格不取决于本月内发送到服务器和从服务器发送的流量(数据)。 但是,不计量并不意味着无限制。(不适用于优惠配套)
  2. Optional : 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and SMS Verification for Email Security
    可选的 : 电子邮件安全的2FA(双因素身份验证)和SMS验证

    For security-conscious consumers and workers, two-factor authenttication is both a bane and boon. The technique, which adds a second type of security check whenever a person wants to access an account or data, can make it more difficult for users to access their accounts, but also makes it harder for hackers to compromise those accounts. (Not Applicable to the Budget Plan)
    对于注重安全的消费者和工人来说,双因素认证既是一种祸害,也是一种福音。 该技术在用户想要访问帐户或数据时添加第二种类型的安全检查,可能使用户更难以访问其帐户,但也使黑客更难以破坏这些帐户。(不适用于优惠配套)
  3. 30-days Daily Auto Backup and Free Restoration

    Unexpected data loss affects businesses of any types, and can happen anytime. Data backups are a minimum requirement for all businesses. Protect your online assets 24/7 with 30-days Daily Backup & Free Recovery service add-on for your web hosting plans. Easily restore any files, folders or databases with our simple backup & restoration tool, easily accessible in your hosting control panel or cPanel. (Not Applicable to the Budget Plan)
    意外的数据丢失会影响任何类型的企业,并且可能随时发生。 数据备份是所有企业的最低要求。 为您的网络托管计划提供30天的每日备份和免费恢复服务插件,全天候保护您的在线资产。 使用我们的简单备份和恢复工具轻松恢复任何文件,文件夹或数据库,可在主机控制面板或cPanel中轻松访问。(不适用于优惠配套)
  4. cPanel

    Latest version of cPanel for you to easily manage your secure hosting. cPanel is the most popular control panel to manage your hosting account for website, email, FTP and so on.
    最新版本的 cPanel 可让您轻松管理安全托管。 cPanel 是最受欢迎的控制面板,用于管理网站,电子邮件,FTP 等主机帐户。
  5. Unlimited Email Accounts

    You may create unlimited number of email accounts. All email messages and attachments will keep on the cloud. (Not Applicable to the Budget Plan)
    您可以创建无限数量的电子邮件帐户。 所有电子邮件和附件都将保留在云端。(不适用于优惠配套)
  6. Softaculous

    Softaculous is an auto installer for cPanel. Unlike other auto installers Softaculous is much faster, well designed and it installs scripts in just ONE STEP. More than 400 scripts available. Including WordPress, Opencart, Jommla, etc.
    Softaculous 是 cPanel 的自动安装程序。 与其他自动安装程序不同,Softaculous 速度更快,设计更好,只需一步即可安装脚本。 提供400多种脚本。 包括WordPress,Opencart,Jommla 等。
  7. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    Your website will be added to the CDN. A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content. A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. The popularity of CDN services continues to grow, and today the majority of web traffic is served through CDNs, including traffic from major sites like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon.
    您的网站将被添加到 CDN。 内容传递网络(CDN)是指地理上分布的服务器组,它们一起工作以提供因特网内容的快速传递。 CDN 允许快速传输加载互联网内容所需的资产,包括HTML 页面,javascript 文件,样式表,图像和视频。 CDN 服务的普及程度持续增长,今天大部分网络流量都通过 CDN 提供,包括来自 Facebook,Netflix 和亚马逊等主要网站的流量。
  8. Php, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin

    High end Linux server installed with the latest Php and MySQL. You can easily manage your databses using the PhpMyAdmin. You may create unlimited number of MySQL databses.
    安装了最新的 Php 和 MySQL 的高端 Linux 服务器。 您可以使用 PhpMyAdmin 轻松管理数据库。 您可以创建无限数量的 MySQL 数据库。
  9. WhatsApp, WeChat and Email Support
    支持 WhatsApp,微信和电子邮件

    You can easily contact us for technical support via email, WeChat and WhatsApp. Free of Charge.
  10. Free Unlimited Technical Support

  11. 24/7 High Security Monitoring
    24/7 高安全性监控
  12. Free Website Builder to build Unlimited Websites

Cloud Email Solution (CES)

Unlimited Disk space & Storage for Email

Cloud Email Solution (or called CES) is KKCSI unique feature to include in the Web Hosting to let the clients to keep their email accounts on the cloud. All email messages and email attachments are kept on the cloud, no limitation on the disk space used and no limitation on the number of email accounts created.

Example :
ABC Company is a trading company. It has 50 employees. Every employee need an email account and all their email messages / attachments are highly confidential. Because they receive hundreds or email in the working days. Email virus and malware infection always happened to their PC and computer devices. They urgently want a solution for this.

KKCSI Cloud Email Solution (CES) can help them to avoid not only virus / malware infection on their computers, can avoid Ransomware too. With Cloud Email Solution, all employees can now check and send their email online without install any software in their computer devices. And can check email anywhere in the world using their mobile phone or mobile devices too. All email can be kept safely and for long term. 

Please contact KKCSI for more information about this Cloud Email Solution (CES) by email, WeChat or click the Live Chat at the bottom right on this screen.

云电子邮件解决方案(或称为 CES)是 KKCSI 的独特功能,包含在虚拟主机中,让客户端将其电子邮件帐户保留在云端。所有电子邮件和电子邮件附件都保留在云端,不限制使用的磁盘空间,也不限制创建的电子邮件帐户数量。

ABC公司是一家贸易公司。它有50名员工。每位员工都需要一个电子邮件帐户,所有电子邮件/附件都是高度机密的。因为他们在工作日收到数百或电子邮件。电子邮件病毒和恶意软件感染总是发生在他们的 PC 和计算机设备上。他们迫切需要一个解决方案。

KKCSI云电子邮件解决方案(CES)可以帮助他们避免计算机上的病毒 / 恶意软件感染,也可以避免勒索软件。借助云电子邮件解决方案,所有员工现在都可以在线查看和发送电子邮件,而无需在计算机设备中安装任何软并且可以使用他们的移动电话或移动设备查看世界各地的电子邮件。所有电子邮件都可以安全,长期保存。

请通过电子邮件,微信联系 KKCSI 获取有关此云电子邮件解决方案(CES)的更多信息,或单击此屏幕右下方的实时聊天。

Security key features

All High Security Hosting Plans included these


Web / Email Traffic Logs
网络 / 电子邮件流量日志

Traffic summary and URL visited
访问的流量摘要和 URL


Threat Blocking

Detect, log and blocks threats in real time.


Authentication detection and blocking

Protect your websites against unauthorized and brute-force login attempts.


Dangerous File Blocking

Detect and prevent file containing malware, viruses, from sending to your email.


DDOS Blocking

Stop your website from DDOS by attackers.
阻止攻击者 DDOS 您的网站。


Vulnerability Scan

Detect and prevent risk sources before they turn into a threat.


Security Consulting

Work continuously with our team to keep you protected


Unlimited Email Storage

Use our cloud email solutions to better safeguard your emails


Multiple Firewalls Protection

Discriminate threats by port, host, protocol and application.


Free Migrate

Free unlimited websites and emails migration from another web host


Fully Managed

Relax. Our team takes care 24/7 of the security system.
放心。 我们的团队全天候关注安全系统。


Free Backups & Restorations

Free unlimited restoration from the backup file available.

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